EU partly to blame for Ukraine

The world seems not often to be just about black&white things. As I wrote about Ukraine (below), I couldn’t imagine that some day a top politician in the European union would say something much similar.

Yet that was what happened in the 14th May: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s debuty in Germany (vice chancellor) Sigmar Gabriel said that ”it was certainly not smart to create the impression in Ukraine that it had to decide between Russia and the EU”. (The Moscow Times May 15.)

Indeed, that shouldn’t have been the case. Professor Andrei P. Tsygankov said (quoted in my blog, below): ”Both Russia and the West are responsible for the highly dysfunctional country that Ukraine has become because they pushed it to choose between one side or the other, thereby depriving it of a choice to remain a moderate, neutral territory between two large powers.”

Mr. Gabriel also stated that even though the EU had also made mistakes that doesn’t justify Russia’s behaviour.

Mr. Gabriel is the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and Merkel’s deputy in the coalition government.