I am a witchcraft historian at the Tampere University. I have also published many scholarly works on the history of transport, for example about horse transport in Finland (1500-1800) and some works on unemployment and public works in Finland (1945-1971). There also is a collection of my scholarly essays published by Atena (2011).

My latest books are on transport history in Finland (in Finnish only, 2016, 2017 and 2020) and one about the history and future of catastrophes ”K niin kuin katastrofi. Länsimaiden seitsemän tulevaisuutta”, Atena 2021).

Once I lived four years in Moscow. Now I am back in Finland, working mostly in Tampere and living mostly in Helsinki. I also lived many years in Latvia (Rīga), the U.K. (London) and Konstancin Jeziorna (close to Warsaw) – and many places in my home country Finland.

You will find more of my thoughts later at my private home page, now under maintenance. My academic home page is here.