I am a witchcraft historian at the University of Tampere, Finland. I have also published scholarly works on the history of transport, esp. horse transport in Finland (1500-1800) and some works on unemployment and public works in Finland (1945-1971).

My latest books are on transport history in Finland (in Finnish only, 2016 and 2017) and one in English about witchcraft historiography (“Writing the Witch-hunt histories. Challenging the Paradigm”, 2014). This one I also edited in collaboration with Dr. Raisa Maria Toivo.

I lived four years in Moscow. Now I am back in Finland, mostly living in my second home on Aleksanterinkatu street in Tampere. I have also lived many years in Latvia (Rīga), the U.K. (London) and Konstancin Jeziorna (Poland, close to Warsaw) – and many places in my home country Finland.

You will find more of my thoughts at www.markonenonen.net.